The Huge Crash Up

The Huge Crash Up!
One day a yellow yoyo dropped in the middle of the road and crashed a huge semi. The semi was filled with gas and exploded right in front of my eyes? I saw the yoyo I think it was cursed maybe it was not I do not know? So I went to play with it again? The next day again I yo-yoing. It crashed another car it was cursed? I do not know! The next day I planned on playing with the yoyo but I said no. The yoyo was talking to me it said play with me. It was really creepy yoyo. Somehow the semi was running again and so was the car. I don’t know if I was dreaming or not. I got up and I was playing with my yoyo again.

Winter Poam

Ski doing

My brother cat walking up in the deep snow

I get all bundled up and ready to go ski doing

Excited to ride my awesome sled

The ski doo roaring through deep snow

Going down a really steep hill with my ski doo

My fingers are freezing while I am ski doing

My fingers are numb like they were dipped in ice cold water

The rest of me is hot, bundled up, and drenching in sweat.
We stop at the newly build warm up shack

Sipping on steaming hot chocolate

Ski doo adventures are so much fun

Christmas In Canada

Saskatchewan Christmas is snow covered fun!In Canada it snows a lot.I like to play in the snow,build snow man ,play hockey,sledding,ski-doing,sledding and building forts.

For Christmas I decorate a Christmas tree wrap presents to put under the tree,Hang up stockings for Santa,set out cookies and milk for Santa,and sing Christmas carols.

After opening presents on December 25th we have a Christmas  Dinner. We eat turkey,ham,potatoes,stuffing,vegetables,gravy,buns and salad.(jello salad).For desert we have pumpkin,apple,or cherry pie,trifle,and Christmas pudding.